Biyernes, Oktubre 12, 2012



by Marcelo de Gracia Concepcion 

Silent trails 
Silent are the trails of Benguet hills, 

When the mist veils the sun - 

Even when the wind stirs the ferns 
And the bamboo brakes sing 
Their echoed murmurs. 

And the laden Benguet women pass; 
Beating their pakkongs* 
In cadenced monotones. 

Even so, 
These trails are lonely... 
And deep are the ravines, 
And higher still the skies.

My Analysis:
It tells about the silent atmosphere in Benguet hills, because of the silent atmosphere there you can only hear the sound or music that made from the beautiful nature in benguet hills. Like the movement of ferns because of the breeze and the echoey coming from Colliding bamboo. Also the pakkongs that serves the guidance of the feet of women there that makes sound every tread of feet.